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Vocations Prayer

O God, You have chosen the apostles to make disciples of all nations and by baptism and confirmation have called all of us to build up Your Holy Church.

We earnestly implore You to chose from among us, Your children, many priests, brothers and sisters, who will love You with all their hearts and will gladly spend all their lives to make You known and loved by all. Amen

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St. Luke RC Church

Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Pay Attention

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First Reading:   Dn 12:1-3
Responsorial Psalm:   Ps 16:5, 8-11
Second Reading:   Heb 10:11-14, 18
Gospel:   Mk 13:24-32

e all want to see God, and God is present everywhere, for He is omnipresent.

Then why can’t I see Him? It is because we do not pay attention to anything? Once we start paying attention to everything we will see the nature of God being revealed to us. The message is, pay attention.

In the Word of God, Jesus says you are able to see and read the signs of nature and behave accordingly. If you see the branches of trees getting tender and the leaves start sprouting, you say the spring or summer is near. Similarly, Jesus says I am present in each and everything that is around you. In the blade of a grass, in the flowers, in birds and animals, in our friends and family members, in the poor and the needy, sick and suffering.

He says, through them I come to you every day; through them, I knock at your door every day. But if you do not pay attention to them, you will not be able to see me. And if you cannot recognize me now, you will not be able to do it when I come to get you at the end of time. So friends, we need to pay attention; we need to explore the presence of God around us.

When we were little ones, we had lots of questions. We wanted to explore and know everything. Kids are very curious and want to know. So when the parents and teachers explain things to them, they believe it and they form ideas.

Pointing at the flame of the candle, a young one asked his mom, “What is that?” She explained to him, “It is a candle and it gives out light when it is lit, and there is heat, when we get closer to the flame.” She warned him not to go near the flame or touch it, because he would get hurt. The child gets the idea about the flame, but one day, out of his curiosity, he touched the flame and got his own experience of the flame. This is the same with regard to acquiring any kind of knowledge.

Friends, our curiosity to know about God, faith and religion are in the same way. We are curious to know about it.

Parents and religious leaders will try to explain it in the best possible way, based on their knowledge and experience. Explanations will help us to believe in it, or not to believe in it, based on the way we understand. But when we try to explore it; when we start asking questions; we bring it into our experience. So it is always good to have questions and doubts about anything, our faith, God and religion.

It shows that we are actively involved in it. But it is quite sad to say, that our religion, God and so on, stay only in the level of belief. We do not go further to explore it. Only when we start paying attention to it, we will have questions and doubts about it. Only if we have doubts, can we explore it and make it our own experience. So I pray that you get lots of doubts and questions about your faith, God and religion; that you will be active disciples of Jesus who lives religiosity.

Jesus says, "Behold, I knock at your door every day, but it is left to you to open the door and welcome me in." Friends let us ask, "Do I look at everything as a manifestation of God? Do I pay attention to the revelation of God, manifested in each and every incident of my life? Am I just a passive believer? Or an active liver of faith? Is my practice of faith is like an Insurance policy?"

Let us reflect on these points in a special way today.

Let us pray: Lord, make me an active liver of faith, who is paying attention to the revelation of God that is happening each and every moment of my life.

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