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Vocations Prayer

O God, You have chosen the apostles to make disciples of all nations and by baptism and confirmation have called all of us to build up Your Holy Church.

We earnestly implore You to chose from among us, Your children, many priests, brothers and sisters, who will love You with all their hearts and will gladly spend all their lives to make You known and loved by all. Amen

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St. Luke RC Church

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Marriage is Undivided Loyalty

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First Reading:   Gn 2:18-24
Responsorial Psalm:   Ps 128:1-6
Second Reading:   Heb 2:9-11
Gospel:   Mk 10:2-16

his Sunday, all the readings focus on the essential elements of Christ’s teaching on marriage and family life. He stresses the point that this unique union is a sign of the Kingdom of God and, therefore, it is an eternal sacrament which cannot be broken by divorce. Whoever visits our family should be able to experience the happiness and joy of the Kingdom of God. I could enjoy this Kingdom experience when I visited some of the families of our parish.

Once, at a children’s liturgy class, the teacher discussed the creation story. The teacher explained that God created everything, including human beings. Little Johnny was so impressed at how Eve was created out of Adam’s ribs, that later in the week his mother noticed him lying down as though he were ill. She asked him: "What happened to you? What is the matter?"

Johnny’s response was interesting: "Mom I have pain in my side, I think I am going to have a wife."

The Greek philosopher Plato said, "Man and woman are half of their original size. Genuine happiness only arrives when the two halves find each other and marry."

I have noticed that most of the guys and girls get married after many years of courtship: getting to know each other, learning the strength and weakness of the other person. But once the wedding is done, they are busy looking for a divorce because after the wedding, they stop learning about each other.

They think that they have reached the climax — the peak of their relationship. Once the climax is revealed, then there is no interest in hearing the story. Some say, before marriage couples are busy finding similarities and matches; after the wedding, they try to find the differences.

Jesus says, married life is like entering into the Kingdom of God. Each day you are exploring the mystery that your husband is, or your wife is. So each day try to find something good in your spouse. According to Jesus, marriage is undivided loyalty.

Most of the time, husband and wife look for "What is there in marriage for me?" But Jesus wants them to ask, "What is in marriage for us?” So instead of asking, "How can I serve my wife?" or "How can I serve my husband?" the real question has to be, "How can we serve each other."

Studies show that only one out of 57 marriages ended in divorce among husbands and wives that worshipped at church consistently; one marriage in 500 ended in divorce where there is organized Scripture reading and prayer. The husband and wife who pray together every day have no chance of going for a divorce or separation.

So dear friends, as we meditate on our family life today, let us examine how many of our families have family prayer. We have time for parties, sports and games but we cannot find time for family prayer. Let us bring it into our own experience the aphorism that says, "A family that prays together stays together."

In this Marian month, dedicated to the devotion of Blessed mother, let us find some time to say at least a decade of rosary everyday together as a family. Thus, let our family become a small version of the Kingdom of God.

May God bless us all, Amen.

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