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Vocations Prayer

O God, You have chosen the apostles to make disciples of all nations and by baptism and confirmation have called all of us to build up Your Holy Church.

We earnestly implore You to chose from among us, Your children, many priests, brothers and sisters, who will love You with all their hearts and will gladly spend all their lives to make You known and loved by all. Amen

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St. Luke RC Church

Epiphany of Our Lord
Follow Your Star

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First Reading:   Is 60:1-6
Responsorial Psalm:   Ps 72:1-2, 7-8, 10-13
Second Reading:   Eph 3:2-3, 5-6
Gospel:   Mt 2:1-12

n this Feast of Epiphany, we reflect on the journey of the Magi, or Three Kings from the east, in the light of faith. We may wonder, how does it help my faith journey today? What light does it throw on my faith journey?

I started meditating on this faith journey of the Three Kings in the light of the present problems of the Catholic Church. The major problem including the Bishops, priests and parents complain is that we do not get the young people in the Church. There is a major fall in the number of the young generation attending Church.

Once the children leave home for high school, college or university studies, that is when they find a major fall-off in their faith practice. In fact, that is the testing period of one’s faith life. Most of the students fail in that test of faith.

Follow your star

You have been given lots of input on faith and practices from home and church, while you were at home. But when you live alone, that is when you experience how it has an influence in one’s private life. You know, it is exactly the same, with acquiring knowledge, or any skill. We learn a lot of theories and get a lot of information about many things in our class rooms. But once you start working in the field on your own, you find how it makes your work a lot easier, how it beautifully contribute to your efficiency.

When the Three Kings set out on their journey to Bethlehem to see the Saviour, the family and friends had the peace of mind that they had the star above them—to guide them on the way.

Once a daughter asked her father, Dad do you know why God gave them a star to the wise men? When the father was not able to give the expected answer, she said, Because God knows men are too proud, to ask directions.

Similarly, when children leave their home for higher studies, parents and family have the peace of mind that they have got the star of their wisdom which they got based on their training and education from home, to guide them on their way. But many times we find them losing the star on their way, just like, what happened to the wise men on their way. They missed the star on their way. So they went to get directions.

They approached the king of that place, thinking that he would be the right person to give right directions. Though he gave them right directions, he had many selfish motives behind it. Thank God, their star of wisdom could sense it, and took them on another way on their way back home.

Sometimes young people easily fall into the peer pressure. Sometimes, they think practising those good things which their parents told them are against their freedom and free will. So dear friends, it is very important who gives directions and whose directions we follow, because that is going to change the way of your life completely.

At other times they love the signboard, more than the directions it gives. If it helps you to become a better human being, or if that helps you to find your 'Messiah', your salvation, go for it. But if it does not help you to save your own life, to find your happiness, and peace, better, we try to switch the way, before we get lost. I know you all can give me a big list of young people, who have missed and lost their way, during their High School, college and university life.

Friends, let us reflect:  did I miss the star of wisdom which my parents, teachers and elders handed down to me? Do I get right directions from my friends? Am I on the right track? If not, I will definitely miss the joy of meeting my Saviour. Let us follow the star of true wisdom, to have the joy of meeting our Saviour and be saved.

Lord Jesus, your love for me compels me to give myself, hold nothing back. I have touched a moment in human history, that overwhelms my comprehension and conquers my heart for you. May I give myself as you give yourself to me at Mass, in prayer, and souls, you call me to serve.

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