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Our Lady of Good Counsel
Our Lady of Good Counsel

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St. Luke RC Church

Myths and Truths

1 I'm not old enough! I have to be at least 40 years or older, don't I? You only have to be 16 years of age, and you'll never be too old to join us!

2 Don't I have to be married with children before I can become a CWL member? We only need you! We are not biased against single or married women.

3 I'm not Catholic or a parishioner, surely I can't become a member! Being Roman Catholic or a member of the church would be great, but not necessary.

4 My schedule may not permit me to get to every meeting, and I really don't have a lot of time to give. We meet the first Tuesday of every month immediately following the 7:00 Mass. We are grateful for any time you can give.

5 I'm not really interested in being a leader. Do I have to participate in the executive board? You need to do nothing! You only commit to those things you want to.

6 Money is tight right now, and I can't really afford to get involved with anything. The cost is $25 per year. If you can't afford it, we can help! Just speak with our membership convener.

7 I don't know any of the women in the CWL, also I am shy and don't make friends easily. What a great opportunity to meet women. We've spent years building our friendships.

8 I don't bake, and I am not crafty. I just won't fit in. Kitchen skills not necessary. We can use any of your talents.

9 It's just another clique! No, we are not! We welcome every woman to join us.

10 I'm just not sure if the CWL is the right thing for me! Come to a meeting and try us out!

We might be more right for you than you think!

Written by Susy Leach,
St. Luke Parish, Hamilton, Ontario

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