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Our Lady of Good Counsel
Our Lady of Good Counsel

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Service Awards

Frances Lovering Award

The Frances Lovering is the highest Hamilton Diocesan Award for the CWL. Recipients are CWL members who demonstrates the objectives of the League in her service to the League, her parish, and the community. We are honoured to have these women as members of our council.

At the 2007 Hamilton Diocesan CWL Convention, Nancy Morley was proclaimed first among all.

At the 2016 Hamilton Diocesan CWL Convention, Lillian Orzel was named as recipient.

Life Member

After a lengthly service career on the Diocesan CWL Executive, two years as president, and for her work on Provincial and National councils, Rosanne Sogan was presented a Life Membership at the 2015 Annual National Convention in Vancouver.

In The Catholic Women’s League of Canada, in addition to the honour, Life Membership gives the recipient a permanent place on the national council, the same voting privileges as accredited delegates at an annual meeting or convention, a voice in its affairs, and eligibility for a national appointment.

Maple Leaf Service Pin

Our Council has recognized the following members for their leadership, and for serving the League, church and parish community in an exceptional or meritorious manner.

Bianca Marchesan (2010)
Marilyn Merlo (1991)
Nancy Morley (2006)
Lillian Orzel (2003)
Pam Overy (1991)
Luisa Pietrantonio (2016)
Lucienne Rowan (2014)
Joan Smith (2000)
Rosanne Sogan (1995)
Sophie Tynski (2010)

Service Awards

We also recognized the following council members for faithful and exceptional service to the Council, and to the League.

60 years
Maire Brennan (2018)
Fernada Colangelo (2013)
Florence Lombardo-Nesbitt (2016)
Joanne May (2013)
Lillian Orzel (2015)

50 years
Grace Cziraki (2010)
Margaret Glassco (2014)
Margaret Helm (2009)
Wanda Madronich (2012)
Marilyn Merlo (2010)
June Noonan (2015)
Margaret Rizzo (2010)

40 years
Anna Colaprete (2012)
Betty Frisina (2012)
Maria Marchi (2010)
Ann Michtics (2016)
Nellia Picco (2013)
Sophia Pugliese (2018)
Avis Sargent (2016)
Anita St. Denis (2015)
Elizabeth 'Betty' Watson (2016)

25 years
Sharon Alford (2017)
Denise Barry (2018)
Mary Ann Ciprietti (2005)
Gloria Comin (2007)
Laura Dicosmo (2017)
Giosi DiPietro (2011)
Nella DiNardo (2007)
Florence Leckie (2013)
Bianca Marchesan (2014)
Maria Molinaro (2013)
Nancy Morley (2005)
Antonietta Pacifici (2003)
Ann Palubski (2011)
Violet Petis (2007)
Luisa Pietrantonio (2006)
Geni Pontrelli (2018)
Rosanne Sogan (2008)
Mary Stodolak (2010)
Janet Zelinsky (2006)

10 years
Rosa Acernese
Susan Alfano (2007)
Nancy Andrejciw (2017)
Maryanne Apostol (2009)
Olive Armstrong (2005)
Marianne Beckingham (2013)
Adrianna Bellavia (2011)
Pamela Carom (2013)
Sharon Cherwaty (2008)
Carm D’Andrea (2012)
Enza De Tina (2014)
Mary Lou De Tina (2015)
Luisa Emili (2016)
Velia Del Conte (2009)
Deb Deneault (2015)
Josephine Di Falco
Maria Falcone (2012)
Lori Graf (2014)
Maria Graf (2008)
Mary Kelly (2008)
Helena Lubera (2012)
Maureen MacLellan (2016)
Theresa Mattaroccia (2013)
Rachel McCotter
Christine Morley-Tagarelli (2017)
Arlene Moore (2012)
Antonina Mucci (2008)
Cheryl Mucci (2008)
Marsh O'Connor (2013)
Teresa Pugliese (2009)
Rosemary Pusztay (2014)
Concetta Ramelli (2015)
Mimma Ramelli (2015)
Maria Tavares (2012)
Diana Varga (2012)
Millie Zablocki (2012)

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