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St. Luke RC Church

Back to School Mass 2016

SEPTEMBER 4, 2016 — At the 11 am Mass we celebrated Back to School with Jesus; a special Mass dedicated to the intentions of all the students and teachers of our parish. All of lay members helping in the celebration of this Mass were from our local schools. Ushers and lectors were senior elementary, high school and university students; servers and gift bearers were elementary students; and Karen Moyer, principal St. Luke Catholic Elementary, Emidio Picione, principal of Bishop Ryan Secondary, and Rosemary Pusztay, a teacher and librarian at Bishop Ryan, served as Eucharistic Ministers.

After the Mass, all where invited into the Hinsperger Centre to enjoy the fellowship over ice cream sundaes.

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  • Readings and special intentions

Readings and Special Intentions

Emma was one of several senior students who did the readings and special intentions.

  • The ushers

The ushers

Older students acted as ushers, preparing to take up the collection.

  • Bringing up the gifts

Bringing up the gifts

Students, dressed in school uniforms, brought up the gifts, which included a picture of Jesus with children, backpacks and pencil cases, the bread and wine, and ciboria.

  • Gifts representing school

Gifts representing school

Among the gifts were backpacks and pencil cases representing school. The children also brought to the sancturary a picture of Jesus with the children.

  • Receiving a blessing

Receiving a blessing

After the Mass, Father Jerry asked all students and teachers to stand for a blessing.

  • Making their Sunday Sundae

Making their Sunday Sundae

More than 100 parishioners came into the Hinsperger Centre to enjoy making their own sundaes — including a few children.

  • Principals are welcomed by Father Jerry

A warm welcome

Our principals: Karen Moyer (St. Luke's Elementary), and Emidio Picione (Bishop Ryan Secondary) receive a warm welcome and thank you for participating from Father Jerry.

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