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St. Luke RC Church

Children's Mass Pageant

DURING CHRISTMAS EVE, at the 5 pm Children's Mass, our children helped animate the liturgy of the Mass by portraying many of the figures in the Christmas story. Their biggest part – to bring Baby Jesus into the church and place Him in the crèche (manger) in the Nativity Scene in front of the altar.

Our special thanks to the parents for involving their children in this special event. As Jesus said: "Let the children come to Me." May God continue to bless your families as you guide your children in their faith journey. — Fr. Jerry

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  • Mary, Joseph, Shepherds and Angels

Mary, Joseph, Shepherds and Angels

Children prepare with Father Jerry to carrying baby Jesus into the church, and place Him into the manger.

  • Lining up for the entry procession

Lining up for the entry procession

Lining up 17 children for the opening procession into church takes some patience and gentle persuassion.

  • Father Jerry, Mary and Joseph

Father Jerry, Mary and Joseph

Father Jerry beams as Mary and Joseph are ready to do their part in the pageant.

  • Pageant Participants

Pageant Participants

Our thank you to the 17 children who helped animate the Christmas Story.

  • Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene

Baby Jesus now lies in the manger. The children's participation has been part of our gift this Christmas.

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