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Father Jerry Knitting

DURING THE FALL OF 2016 Fr. Jerry began his knitting journey during his weekly visits to the Friendship Group. Supported by the ladies, and mentored by Shelly, he began to learn.

By Christmas he had made good progress, to the point where, as a Christmas gift, the group gave him his own needles, bag, and wool.

This is the brief story of his progress and accomplishments in pictures.

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  • Our Pastor takes his first steps

Our Pastor takes his first steps

Encouraged by the ladies of the Friendship Group, and mentored by Shelly, Father Jerry begins the first lessons on how to knit. He showed he was a quick learner, and really enjoyed the knitting.

  • Signs of improvement

Signs of improvement

Within the first few weeks Father had extended his knitting.

  • The student and mentor

The student and mentor

While Father quietly works on his project, Shelly finishes off a pair of mitts.

  • Modelling his first completed project

Modelling his first completed project

In the early days of January, Father finished off his first project. There was much elation on his part, and a lot of satisfaction from the ladies of the Group for his accomplishment.

  • Second project complete

Second project complete

If you have a scarf, you have to have a hat. This is the second project Father has completed, only within a week of completing the first. Now he is on to other things, including having two projects on the go at the same time.

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