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St. Luke RC Church

Sundae Sunday 2016

JUNE 26, 2016 — On a warm Sunday morning, following the 11 am Mass, parishioners were invited into the Hinsperger Centre to make and enjoy their own ice cream sundaes. Parishioners from the other weekend Masses were invited back as well.

Each parishioner was given a bowl or ice cream, and invited to add their own toppings, which included:  fresh, locally grown strawberries, sprinkles, miniature candy-coated sweets, whipped cream, and of course, a cherry.

There were a couple of reasons for the celebration. First, it was the first anniversary of Father Jerry Punnassery as pastor; and second, it was his 43rd birthday.

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  • Peter and Father enjoying their sundaes

Peter and Father enjoying their sundaes

Each parishioner made the sundae just the way they wanted it from the many toppings provided.

  • Bridget, Anna and Luisa can dish it out

These ladies can dish it out

Bridget, Anna and Luisa were part of the team that served bowls of ice cream to long a line of eager parishioners.

  • Almost done — maybe I'll have another

Almost done

One of our young parishioners has enjoyed his sundae, and is almost finished. Maybe I can get another without mom noticing.

  • Nick and Steve

Nick and Steve

The boys compare notes on their sundaes.

  • The graduate

The graduate

Father stands beside Aaron, one of the our 9 o'clock servers, along with his brother Ethan. Father looks surprised as he stands beside the over six foot elementary school graduate.

  • Celebrating his birthday, and first year as pastor

Celebrating his birthday

A group of ladies from the Friendship Group gather around Father to wish him Happy Birthday, and to congratulate him on his first year as pastor.

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