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St. Luke RC Church

Minutes – November 17, 2016

In Attendance
Fr. Jerry Punnassery
Nancy Andrejciw
Carlo Avolio
Anna Blain
Mary Ann Ciprietti
Mary Lou DeTina
Dave Morley
Jerry Nelligan
Anna Wilkon
Denise Barry

Chair's Welcome
  • Carlo called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. Father Jerry opened with a prayer.
  • Approval of minutes: approved by Anna B; seconded by Mary Ann; approved.
Financial Report
Bank Balance/Reduction of Debt
As of October 31 was -$40,984.
Bell Tower repairs
  • Ex Corde Grant of $40,000 awarded for the Bell Tower project.
  • Parish Bell Tower Fund at $10,015 as of October 31. Re-assessing the contractor for repair.
  • Thank you to everyone who helped with the Dream Big Fundraiser. Total profit was just over $1,028. Anna A. looked into Indigo and Terra poinsettias as potential fundraisers but neither was appealing and the parish was already very busy with other events. She also will look into spring fundraiser of plants (potted daffodils/tulips) just before Mother’s Day.
Committee Reports
Parish Life — Anna B
Heralds of the Gospel Family Icon – No changes to report.
Friendship Group – Annual Fall Sale of knitted items on November 11-12.
Respite Care – No changes to report.
Social Committee – Harvest Dinner went very well. Proceeds were $1,660 with $150 given to cover the cost of a Santa for the parish Breakfast With Santa.
Angel Tree – project will begin November 25-25 and continue to December 9-10. Gifts will be distrubuted after that.
St. Luke Travel Group – No changes to report.
Spiritual Events of the Parish – 7 marriages to date; 6 scheduled for 2018. 31 baptisms to date. On October 7, we welcomed Our Lady of the Cape Pilgrim Statue; On October 18, we celebrated the Feast of St. Luke and the parish council ladies made 300 jello cups for the students to enjoy after their school Mass; there is a Book of Remembrance in the Sanctuary for the month of November for names of those who have passed away.
Parish Ministries — Denise
Altar Decorations – No changes to report.
Altar Servers – No changes to report.
Baptismal Team – No changes to report.
Bereavement Team – No changes to report.
Choirs – No changes to report.
Volunteer Screening Committee – No changes to report.
Social Justice — Dave
Development and Peace – Fall Action talk on November 11/12 with action cards inserted in the bulletin the same weekend.
Chalice – No changes to report.
Food Pantry – Continues to be well-stocked.
Education — Anna W
Bishop Ryan – Anna met with Loriann Pacenti, Chaplain at BR. Loriann expressed interest in joining the Parish Council for its meetings. Other ideas were discussed to encourage the high school students to participate at the parish level such as inviting the BR choir to join us for seasonal celebrations.
Youth and Family — Nancy
Special Masses – Back to School Mass went very well as did the Thanksgiving Masses with apples given to all the children.
Jello Treats – Jello treats after the St. Luke Feast Day school Mass went very well. Thank you to Anna, Denise, Mary Lou, Mary Ann and Nancy Morley for helping.
Stations of Cross – The BR drama teacher is open to having a tableau Stations of the Cross presentation for our parish sometime during Lent. Details will follow once she begins the second semester.
High School Mass – Idea was discussed of a Mass for high school students on Saturday January 20, (and then Saturday June 23,) which is the Saturday before exams begin.
Breakfast with Santa – On Saturday December 9 at 9 am. The team so far consists of Mary Jo, Rosemary, Jerry, Nancy Morley. Will reach out to the gr 6, 7, 8 students.
Catholic Women's League — Mary Lou
Report is attached.
Knights of Columbus — Jerry
The social to celebrate 25 years of the Council at St. Luke’s Church went very well with 80 people in attendance. The Knights and the CWL led the Rosary before all Masses during the month of October. Selling of Christmas cards begins November 11-12. The Knights contributed $103 to Women to Women; $50 to WRAP campaign and, from car raffle proceeds, they were able to purchase a box of coats for the ‘Coats for Kids’ program.
New Business
  • FORMED – A representative from ‘formed’, a Catholic-based streaming service, will be at the parish on December 9/10.
  • St. John’s Bible – Advent presentation Thursday, December 14 after the 7 pm Mass; Friday, December 15 after the 8:15 am Mass with grades 6, 7 and 8; Saturday, December 16 after the 7 pm Mass, and all Masses on Sunday.
  • First Friday Mass – Times will change from 8:15 am to the evening beginning at 6 pm with Praise and Worship with Eucharistic Adoration followed by Mass at 7 pm.
  • Parish Revitalization – thank you to the Parish Council for their effort and activity in helping to increase the vitality of the parish.
Conclusion and Next Meeting
  • Next meeting of the Parish Council meetings are January 18, March 8 and May 17.
  • The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm and Father closed with a prayer.

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