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St. Luke RC Church

Minutes – September 7, 2017

In Attendance
Nancy Andrejciw
Carlo Avolio
Denise Barry
Anna Blain
Mary Ann Ciprietti
Mary Lou DeTina
Dave Morley
Jerry Nelligan
Anna Wilkon
Fr. Jerry Punnassery

Chair's Welcome

  • Carlo called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. Dave read a thought.
  • Approval of minutes: moved by Anna; seconded by Mary Ann; approved.


  • None

Financial Report

  • Bank Balance (negative) as of end April -60,422.80; May -70,541.22; June -80,521.34; July -89,666.09; August -96,908.24. $9,000+ was spent to replace air conditioner units in the Rectory and Sacristy/Offices. $500+ was spent for unexpected roof repairs in the Narthex. Cathedraticum payments were made for the first half of the year. Average monthly interest from April to August was $185.37 April
  • Schreiber Roofing has been chosen as the contractor to make repairs to the bell tower. We have received permission from the Bishop’s Office to establish a “Bell Tower Fund.” All donations to this fund will be exempt from Cathedraticum. There will be an announcement in this weekend’s bulletin.
  • Applied for a grant from Ex Corde.
  • The Council discussed the current “Dream Big” Fundraiser. A schedule has been made for members to be available before and after weekend Masses to answer questions. Anna B. will look into other fundraising ideas (Indigo Bookstore shopping night; Terra Greenhouses Christmas Poinsettias)

Matters Arising From Last Meeting

  • It was agreed that the Parish Council members should continue to try to attend Hospitality Weekends.
  • The Stewardship Fair discussed at the previous meeting will be addressed at the next meeting.

Committee Reports

Parish Life — Anna B.
Heralds of the Gospel Family Icon – This is the 100th year of the Apparitions at Fatima. There are 25 people sharing the icon of Our Lady.
Friendship Group – Resumes Wednesday September 13.
Respite Care – No changes to report.
Social Committee – No changes to report.
Travel Group – Trip to Kitchener for Octoberfest. Posters are in the church.
Spiritual events of the Parish – 3 marriages to date; 4 more this year. We have 6 weddings scheduled for 2018. 23 baptisms to date.
Parish Ministries — Denise
Altar Decorations – Flowers have been ordered for fall/Thanksgiving.
Altar Servers – No changes to report.
Baptismal Team – No changes.
Bereavement Team – No changes.
Choirs – Nothing to report
Prayer Network – No changes.
Volunteer Screening – Thank you to Lynne L. for helping with Volunteer Screening this summer. We have 3 new Collection Counters and 3 new Children’s Liturgy members.
Social Justice — Dave
Development and Peace – Fall Action materials have arrived.
Chalice – We have a new sponsored child; we were happy to hear that one of our children has been able to leave the sponsorship program because of an improvement in his standard of living.
Food Pantry – Continues to be well-stocked. An idea for Family Day to support Chalice families was discussed where parishioners could buy items needed for Chalice families.
Education — Anna W.
St. Luke Elementary
  • Confirmation is set for Monday November 27 at 7 pm with Bishop Crosby.
  • St. Luke School will be hosting a community event on Thursday November 2 with a speaker who will address internet safety. He will speak to the students during the day and also present in the evening for others in the community.
Children's Liturgy
  • We are very grateful to now have 7 leaders for the ministry. Registration forms have been handed out to the children who participate.
Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)
  • Announcements have been in the bulletin for the month of August but there are no candidates to date.
Youth and Family — Nancy
Nancy met with Mary Jo Sinclair and Rosemary Pusztay to discuss ways to increase youth participation in the parish.
  • Ideas for St. Luke School — A Spiritual Representative will sit on the Student Council as a liaison between the parish and the school. This student will form a team so that the responsibilities can be passed down. Special Masses/parish events will be placed on the monthly school calendar.
  • Ideas for BR — Rosemary can arrange our announcements to be placed on the scrolling message boards throughout the school. We can use this to remind students that they can receive volunteer hours by participating in the Masses as singers, lectors, etc. Masses on the Saturday night before exams begin will be dedicated to high school students; we will ask for students to participate in the Mass and in the choir. Compose a letter for Dave Tabone to hand out to BR Expression with information on how to join us for singing at Masses. Compose a letter to the drama teacher asking for passion play to be presented here during Holy Week.

Back to School Mass the weekend of September 16-17 – children process down with Father Jerry and receive a blessing. Small gifts will be given out at the end of Mass by student volunteers (pencil, Rice Krispie square, mini post its, eraser)

The Parish Council will prepare jello cups as a treat for the students for the Feast of St. Luke on October 18.
Catholic Women's League — Mary Lou
  • Members of our CWL attended both the Provincial and National Conventions.
  • Honour guards were provided this summer for two ladies who passed away.
  • An insert with CWL events from September to December will be in this weekend’s bulletin.
Knights of Columbus — Jerry
  • Will be hosting a social on Sunday September 17 following 11 am Mass in order to celebrate their 25th Anniversary as a Council.
  • Fall BBQ will be held Sunday September 24 after the 11 am Mass.
  • The Knights and the CWL will be leading the Rosary before all Masses during the month of October.
  • Christmas cards will be available the second week of November.
  • The Knights are considering a pancake breakfast on the weekend before Ash Wednesday 2018.

Unfinished Business

No report.

New Business

  • Saturday October 7 — Our Lady of the Cape Statue
  • October 14-15 — Mission Co-Op priest will make an appeal. Hospitality (Knights) has been moved to this weekend.

Conclusion and Next Meeting

  • Next meeting of the Parish Council is Thursday, November 9 following the 7 pm Mass.
  • The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm with a thought from Dave.

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