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St. Luke RC Church

Minutes – January 18, 2018

In Attendance
Fr. Jerry Punnassery
Nancy Andrejciw
Denise Barry
Anna Blain
Mary Ann Ciprietti
Enza DeTina
Dave Morley
Jerry Nelligan
Carlo Avolio
Anna Wilkon

Chair's Welcome
  • Mary Ann called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. Father Jerry opened with a prayer.
  • Approval of minutes: approved by Anna B; seconded by Denise; approved.
Financial Report
Bank Balance/Reduction of Debt
As of December 31 was -$38,273.57.
Bell Tower
Repairs stalled due to weather. Materials have been ordered.
The Council decided on “Big Box of Cards” as a spring fundraiser. Anna B. will coordinate. It will be in time for Mother’s Day. The parish would purchase a case of 10 boxes for $22 each and then sell a box for $33; each card in the box would cost $1.
Committee Reports
Parish Life — Anna B
Heralds of the Gospel Family Icon – No changes to report.
Friendship Group – Started back on January 10. Monies from proceeds of sale were donated to the parish to offset the utility bills, the Bell Tower fund, St. Luke’s School Breakfast Program, and Out of the Cold City program.
Respite Care – No changes to report.
Social Committee – Nothing to report.
St. Luke Travel Group – No changes to report.
Spiritual Events of the Parish – First wedding will be in June; 2 Baptisms in January and 2 scheduled for February.
Parish Ministries — Denise
Altar Decorations – No changes to report.
Altar Servers – No changes to report.
Baptismal Team – No changes to report.
Bereavement Team – No changes to report.
Choirs – Still looking for new members.
Volunteer Screening Committee – No changes to report.
Social Justice — Dave
Development and Peace – Share Lent materials have been ordered. David will speak at the Masses on February 17-18.
Chalice – No changes to report.
Angel Tree – David gave a brief history on the Angel Tree Project, how it works, what agencies it supports, and where things go. It was a great success again this past year.
Food Pantry – Continues to be well-stocked.
Education — Anna W
No report.
Youth and Family — Nancy
Formed – there was no strong interest demonstrated by parishioners to have this service available.
St. John’s Bible – Presentation was very well received.
Breakfast with Santa – This was a huge success, Thank you to everyone who helped.
High School Exams – On January 20-21, Father Jerry will say a special blessing for high school students who will be starting exams on the 24th.
Boys and Girls Groups – On January 28 at the 9 and 11 am Masses, Fr. Pierre Caouette from the Legionnaires of Christ will be at the parish to talk about ‘Challenge’ and ‘Conquest’ which are boys and girls groups that would be run out of the parish. Notice will be sent home with the students at St. Luke’s and BR Chaplain has been contacted to see if she had any ideas or could support by asking students to be leaders in the program.
Children’s Liturgy – On Thursday February 8 at 7:30 pm, we will be hosting a Diocesan workshop for Children’s Liturgy volunteers. We hope this will be the first of many Diocesan events here. We are trying to have a Lector and Eucharistic Workshop here at the parish.
Lenten Calendars – For children and teens will be ordered again this year.
Valentine’s Mass – Sunday February 11 at the 11 am Mass. We will be inviting couples who were married here at the parish for this Valentine’s Mass. All couples can renew their vows at this Mass.
Lenten Mission – Monday, March 12 to Wednesday, March 14 with Father Michael King.
Catholic Women's League — Enza
Report is attached.
Knights of Columbus — Jerry
Christmas cards — went very well.
Annual Raffle — will take place in March.
Pancake Breakfast during Lent — the Knights will speak to the CWL about organizing a pancake breakfast during Lent.
New Business
  • Rental of Hinsperger Centre – The terms of use were discussed. The Hinsperger Centre will be available for rent to registered parishioners for private events when the hall was not being used for parish events.
Conclusion and Next Meeting
  • Next meeting of the Parish Council meetings are March 8 and May 17.
  • The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm and Father closed with a prayer.

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