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St. Luke RC Church

Parish Council

The Parish Council is an advisory body to the Pastor, selected by the Pastor and the Parishioners, to meet and support the needs of the parish.

Council Members Meeting Minutes
Portfolio Descriptions Constitution


Beside each member's name is the date their term expires (in brackets), and their current portfolio.

•  Father Jerry Punnessary, Pastor
•  Nancy Andrejciw (Pastor appointee), Youth
•  Denise Barry (2019), Parish Ministry
•  Anna Blain (2019), Parish Life
•  Mary Ann Ciprietti (2020), Chair
•  Enza DeTina, (Catholic Women's League appointee)
•  Betty Frisina (2021), Social Justice
•  Jerry Nelligan (Knights of Columbus appointee)
•  Sabrina Vazzaler (2021), Vice Chair
•  Anna Wilkon (2020), Education

CLICK HERE to view a brief description of the portfolios assigned to various Council Members


The following list is a summary of the key points from the Parish Council meetings. To look at the detailed minutes, contact the Pastor.

May 10, 2019
March 21, 2019
January 17, 2019
November 15, 2018
September 27, 2018
May 17, 2018
March 8, 2018
January 18, 2018
November 9, 2017
September 7, 2017

 (Approved - February 2001)

Structure And Function
  A. Parish Council
    a) Members
b) Pastoral Assignments
  B. Number of Parish Council Executive
  C. Structure of Parish Council
    a) Assigned Functional Areas
b) Nomination Committee
  D. Functions of Parish Council Members
    a) Pastor
b) Parish Council
c) Executive Committee
d) Chairperson
e) Vice-Chairperson
f) Parish Council Members
g) Parish Council Secretary
  A. Terms of Office
    a) Elected Parish Council Members
b) Appointed Parish Council Members
c) Parish Council Vice-Chairperson
d) Parish Council Chairperson
  B. Nomination Procedure
    a) Nomination Committee
b) Nomination from Parishioners
  C. Election Procedures
    a) Elected Representatives
b) Parish Council Executive
  D. Unscheduled Vacancies
    a) Resignations
b) Elected Parish Council Member
c) Appointed Parish Council Member
d) Vice-Chairperson
e) Chairperson
  E. Decision Making
    a) Quorum
b) Voting
c) Meetings
  F. Changes to Guidelines

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