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  1. Elected Parish Council Members
    • Three (3) years.
    • One third (1/3) of members are normally elected in any one year
    • Eligible after a one (1) year absence for another three (3) year term

  2. Appointed Parish Council Members
    • One (1) year, with possible renewals.

  3. Parish Council Vice-Chairperson
    • Two (2) years:  the first year as Vice-Chairperson, the second year as Chairperson

  4. Parish Council Chairperson
    • One (1) year term.

  1. Nomination Committee
    • A Nomination Committee (chaired by the Parish Council Vice-Chairperson), will be appointed at a Parish Council meeting by Parish Council for the purpose of recommending a slate of candidates for election to fill upcoming vacant Parish Council positions

  2. Nomination from Parishioners
    • Nominations will be open to the parish at large and will be accepted if valid and submitted in writing to the Nomination Committee before the published close-off, as noted in the weekly Parish bulletin
    • A parishioner may be self nominated
    • The Nominating Committee will follow-up with the nominees to ensure that they will let their names stand given the positions on Parish Council that are vacant

  1. Elected Representative
    1. The exact election day and close-off for nominations will be determined each year by Parish Council so that the results are finalized for the last Sunday in April
    2. On the published election day, the parishioners will be encouraged to vote for the candidates, normally two (2)
    3. Collected ballots will be given to the Nomination Committee to tabulate
    4. The Vice-Chairperson will inform the candidates of the outcome
    5. The new representatives will attend the next Parish Council meeting following the election, to get orientated and to vote for the new Executive
  2. Parish Council Executive
    1. During the last meeting of the current year, the Vice-Chairperson officially becomes Chairperson for the upcoming year
    2. If necessary, nominations for Chairperson will be accepted from the current Parish Council including the newly elected members
    3. If an election is required to fill the position of Chairperson, each remaining Council member and newly elected member will have one (1) vote
    4. After the position of Chairperson has been decided, nominations will be received for Vice-Chairperson. Only remaining members can be nominated to the Executive
    5. If an election is required, each remaining Council member and newly elected Council member will have one (1) vote
    6. Immediately after the position of Vice-Chairperson has been decided, the new Chairperson will assume the new duties
    7. The new representatives will attend the next Parish Council meeting following the election, to get orientated and to vote for the new Executive.

  1. Resignations
    • Must be submitted in writing to the Parish Council Executive

  2. Elected Parish Council Members
    • Parish Council Executive will choose an appropriate strategy (appointment, previous election, next election, etc.) to fill the vacancies

  3. Appointed Parish Council Member
    • A new member will be appointed with a first term of office equal to one (1) year plus the uncompleted term of the vacant position

  4. Vice-Chairperson
    • Depending on the length of the remaining term, this position may go unfilled or a new Vice-Chairperson may be elected by Parish Council at a regular meeting

  5. Chairperson
    • Filled by Vice-Chairperson.

  1. Quorum
    • A Parish Council meeting (regular or special) may be held with less than six (6) Parish Council members present; however, no decisions can be made until there are at least six (6) Parish Council members present

  2. Voting
    • The preferred method of making a decision will be by consensus. However, when general agreement cannot be reached and a vote must be taken, the issue will be decided by a majority of the voting members present. The Chair votes only to break a tie
    • No proxies will be allowed
    • The Pastor takes the recommendations of Parish Council under advisement. Therefore, the Pastor (and Pastoral team if one exists) does not vote on issues presented at Council meetings

  3. Meetings
    1. A recommended number of 5 meeting may be held commencing with the Annual Meeting in May
    2. At the discretion of the Pastor, special meetings may be called
    3. Parish Council meeting should be open to the Parish with the next meeting date, time and place announced in the bulletin. Parishioners would come as observers but, in consultation with the Chairperson, could gain an agenda spot in order to speak with the Council on a matter of concern
    4. On occasion it may be advantageous for a Parish Council member to invite a representative from one of his/her sub-committees to address Council directly. This is acceptable when done with the prior knowledge of the Executive
    5. Parish Council minutes should be made available to any parishioner requesting to see a copy through the parish office. Highlights of the previous Council Meeting may be published in the bulletin if warranted

  • Significant changes to the Guidelines (to the functions and procedures of St. Luke Catholic Parish Council) affecting the operation or structure of Parish Council, other than its disbandment by the Pastor, must be presented to Council at least one meeting before being voted upon. A special meeting can be called for this purpose
  • Parish Council will set up and ad hoc committee to prepare any changes to the 'Guidelines'. this committee will be chaired by the Vice-Chairperson
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