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St. Luke RC Church

Structure and Function

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  1. Members
    • The Pastor
    • Six (6) parishioners elected by their peers
    • Three (3) parishioners 'appointed' to Council as follows:
      • One (1) representative from Catholic Women's League
      • One (1) representative from Knights of Columbus
      • One (1) direct appointment by the Pastor

  2. Pastoral Appointments
    • A designate may be appointed to the Parish Council by the Pastor, e.g., Pastoral Assistant
    • In the event that there is not a functioning branch of the C.W.L. and/or K. of C., or that there is no representative from these bodies, then these appointed positions will also defer to the Pastor
Three (3), consisting of the Pastor, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson
  1. Assigned Functional Areas
    • Pastor (and Finance Committee Rep.)
    • Chairperson
    • Vice-Chairperson
    • Liturgy
    • Education and Family Life
    • Social Justice
    • Social Activities
    • Catholic Woman's League (appointed)
    • Knights of Columbus (appointed)
    • One (1) member at-large (usually to represent the youth)

    Once elected or appointed, each member should remain with the assigned areas for the duration of his/her term of office. However, members and the Executive may agree on alternative assignments when positions become vacant
  2. Nomination Committee
    • A committee that consists of the Pastor, Vice-Chairperson, and a minimum of one (1) other Parish Council member
  1. Pastor
    1. Must be present at all Parish Council meetings
    2. Participate in Parish Council discussions and activities
    3. A member of the Executive Committee
    4. Shall be a member of the Finance Committee and liaison to the Parish Council
    5. An 'ex officio' member of all committees
  2. Parish Council
    1. Advise the Pastor on the immediate, medium, and long-term direction for their parish in the Christian community
  3. Executive Committee
    1. Evaluate Parish Council activity
    2. Approve and facilitate the planning, co-ordination and cohesion of the Parish Council including all regular Council meetings
    3. Plan and co-ordinate all special meetings of the Council (educational, retreats, social, etc.)
    4. Ensure committees have sufficient support
  4. Chairperson
    1. Chair the Parish Council meetings and the Executive Committee
    2. Participate as an individual member in Council discussions and activities
    3. Ensure that Council functions in accordance with the Functions & Procedures of St. Luke's Parish Council
    4. An 'ex-officio' member of all Council functional committees
  5. Vice-Chairperson
    1. Assume duties when the Chairperson is absent
    2. Serve on the Executive Committee
    3. Chair ad hoc committees as needed, including the Parish Council constitution guidelines or by-laws
    4. Plan and co-ordinate 'Sign-Up Sat/Sunday'
    5. Responsible for the annual election process and chairs the nomination committee
    6. Contact members who have been absent, without prior notification
  6. Parish Council Members
    1. Regularly attend Parish Council meetings
    2. Actively liase with committees within their assigned functional area (may also form and head up new committees, as agreed upon by Parish Council, in the early stages). As the 'liaison' they represent the 'interests/concerns' of the groups they are representing at Parish Council meetings and in turn represent the 'interest/concerns' of Parish Council at committee meeting and to committee members. As an active liaison the Parish Council member will be in regular contact with each of the groups he/she is representing, and will attend a minimum of one meeting of each group each year
  7. Parish Council Secretary
    1. The Parish Council Secretary will record the minutes of the Parish meetings and the Parish secretary will prepare and distribute them
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