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Chalice Motto

Caring for our World. Sharing with our Children.

St. Luke RC Church


A Catholic Sponsorship Programme Chalice CHALICE has been rated a top charity, with an A+ rating, in International Aid and Development for the past six years by MoneySense Magazine.

We are Sponsors

Since 2008, St. Luke Parish has been in partnership with CHALICE, Christian Child Care International, Canada's largest Catholic sponsorship programme, to sponsor children in need of food, water, education and health care.

At the ambo (the pulpit) there is a large collection can. We encourage you, and especially the children, to place change in the can each week. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach children the virtue of giving and being of service to those in need. The Parish Council, in your name, has agreed to sponsor five children for a less than $200 per month — less than $40 each.

If you have found yourself wanting to sponsor a child in need, but did not have the financial means or opportunity, here's a chance for us as a parish to work together. Your change could provide a daily meal, an opportunity for education, or a visit to a doctor.

Watch for more details in future bulletins, and check the bulletin boards for updates and messages from our children. Thank you for your support.

Chalice CLICK HERE to find out more about OUR children.
If you wish more about CHALICE and their programmes, visit them at

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