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"Families need to take a firm stance in safeguarding the threshold of their homes, in defending the dignity of each person. Guard your families against pornography, which nowadays under various forms affects people's minds, especially those of children and young people. Defend the purity of morals in your homes and in society. ... The purer families are, the healthier the nation will be."

— Pope John Paul II, Sandomierz, Poland, June 12, 1999

St. Luke RC Church

White Ribbon Against Pornography

Protect your children from sexual exploitation.
Raise the age of consent from 14 to 18 years!

– Canadians Addressing Sexual Exploitation

By remaining silent we become part of the problem
– by speaking out with pen and voice we become part of the solution.

Most Canadians and their Members of Parliament agree that adults should not have sexual relationships with children. Yet, the Age of Consent Law gives legal permission for adults to have sex with children as young as 14 years old!

What is the WRAP Campaign?

A little white ribbon becomes a symbol of decency. White Ribbons Against Pornography (WRAP) is part of an international education effort to raise awareness about pornography and its corrupting effects on society. The annual fall campaign is an opportunity for action in the fight for wholesome family values, and an opportunity to rally for safe communities and a strong country.

During one of the last weeks of October, the congregation of St. Luke's participates in the annual WRAP Campaign. White ribbons are handed out before and after Mass, and participants are encouraged to wear the white ribbon, and write to their Member of Parliament or the Minister of Justice. Signatures are also collected on our "Ribbon of Signatures" — long white ribbons along the sides of the church — to be sent to the Prime Minister's Office. Any donations collected during this campaign are sent to the 'Pornography Hurts' Bus Campaign

Press Release – July 24, 2001
(from Canadians Addressing Sexual Exploitation)

October 21-28, 2001

Not just another Ribbon Campaign

White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) began in 1988 as a campaign to raise public awareness of the pernicious effect of pornography upon Canadian society. Citizens were urged to send white ribbons to elected representatives at all levels of Government in an effort to inform our law makers of the growing threat posed by the degrading influence of pornography.

White Ribbon week October 21-28, 2001 will again join forces on informing elected officials of the invidious harm caused by the alarming spread of pornography as it becomes the dominant content of the Internet. Members of Parliament need to be asked hard questions. Canadians must demand clear, proper and protective legislation to be implemented.

Likely at no time in Canadian history has it been as important as it is now for Canadians to address the pornography problem.

Did you know?

  • In Canada hard core illegal pornography is available on CRTC approved TV channels.
  • In Canada explicit sexual activity has saturated music, entertainment and advertising.
  • In Canada 23,000 pedophile web sites are available on the Internet.
  • In Canada it is legal for adults of any age to engage in sexual activity with a 14-year old child.
  • In Canada the Supreme Court of Canada gave permission for adults to visually record their sexual activity with a child as young as 14.
  • In Canada children 14 years and older have no protection from adults, who use the Internet to develop a sexual relationship with them.
  • In Canada it is now legal to possess child pornography for your personal collection.
  • In Canada the consumption of pornography results in sexual addictions, destroyed marriages, sexual violence, rape, teenage pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • In Canada children view inappropriate sexual materials. These sexual messages are powerful, confusing, and damaging, because they are not age appropriate.
  • In Canada no Government or broadcasting group monitors the content of radio and TV.programming.
  • In Canada Internet sites devoted to pedophilia are hosted by Canadian Internet service providers and can not shut down because of Canadian laws.
  • In Canada while we discuss pornography laws, our children remain unprotected.
  • In Canada this environment is not contributing to healthy families, safe communities and a strong country.

We Must Not Be Silent Any Longer!!
We Must Set Our Community Standards!!
Only Those Who Speak Will Be Heard!!

Morality in Media, Inc. — A not-for-profit, interfaith organization established in 1962 to combat obscenity and uphold decency standards in the media. The national sponsor (USA) of the WRAP Campaign.

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