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"Confirmation is an important sacrament in you son's or daughter's life. Please help them to keep the commitment that they are making at this time."

St. Luke RC Church

Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmation is received only by persons who know what it is to be a Catholic Christian and who are prepared to live their lives in the Church given to us by Christ through the Apostles.

A person who does not practice the Faith, (which means regular attendance at Sunday Mass and regular reception of the Holy Communion), does not realize the purpose of being Confirmed. For students it is one of the most important spiritual events in their lives.

ABOUT CONFIRMATION – General guidelines and expectations for Confirmation at St. Luke's
  PETITION – Petition to receive the Sacrament
REQUIREMENTS – Activities leading up to Confirmation   LETTER OF PERMISSION – for Confirmandus who belong to a parish other than St. Luke's
ENROLLMENT – The general wording of the Enrollment Ceremony for the Sacrament of Confirmation   DRESS CODE – It is not necessary to spend extra money

This web information is written in a general format and is addressed to both the Confirmandi, their parents and/or guardians. When it is time for you prepare for Confirmation, you will more specific information from the Pastor.

About Confirmation

Receiving this sacrament completes the initiation process begun at Baptism. Confirmation continues the promise made by parents at the Baptism of their son or daughter. Parents were told on that occasion to make it their constant care to bring up their child in the practice of faith. Preparation for Confirmation means that the baptized child is now ready to move into the larger Christian family of the parish community and the universal church. It also means that the candidate is ready and willing to take on the responsibilities of a more mature Catholic Christian. Preparation is to be a process of study, prayer, and service to others. The candidate should understand that this process is a model for Christian living throughout one’s adult life.


Confirmation at St. Luke's takes place each November during an evening service .

Activities leading up to this special event are as follows:

  1. A Family and Sponsor Information Night occurs in late September.

    It begins with Mass in the church and it at this meeting that registration takes place. This parent and student meeting outlines all preparation requirements which also includes any service requirements, sponsor involvement, choosing a saint's name, interviews, retreats and educational requirements. It is imperative that parent(s) and Confirmandi (students to be confirmed) are present. Sponsors are also encouraged to attend.
  2. A Confirmation Retreat for ALL Confirmandi takes place during a school day. All Confirmandi must attend.
  3. Enrollment takes place in early November during selected weekend Masses. All Confirmandi are expected to participate in the ceremony.
  4. Each Confirmandus must have a Baptism certificate. If the candidate attends a Catholic school, the certificate must be on file with the school. Candidates not attending a Catholic school must provide a copy of the certificate to St. Luke's church.
  5. If your family is registered at and attends a Catholic Church other than St. Luke's, you must provide a Letter of Permission for Confirmation from you Pastor.
  6. All Confirmation Sponsors will be given a form to be fill out and return to St. Luke's church.
Dress Code for Confirmation

The candidate's best clothes are expected.

It is not necessary to spend extra money. The young men may wear shirt with a sweater or blazer. The young women are to wear respectable dresses (not strapless) or pantsuits.

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